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The Smart & Digital Inventory Management for Furnished Properties

Track all the information, tasks and costs associated with your furniture and equipment - all in a cloud-solution.

Want to reduce your operational costs?

Student Accommodation • Co-living • Retirement Homes • Co-working • Serviced Apartments • Hotels

We have the solution!

Digital Inventory

Easily inspect rooms and stay on top of your inventory.

Workflow Automation

Report damages which lead to automated task allocation.

Data Insights

Take data-driven decisions and optimize inventory performance.

How does it work?

In the office

Our Web Application

Property managers gain a quick overview of all assets in any location. See total assets, incidents, and highest priority tickets all at a glance. Our data insights help you to operate even more efficiently in the future.

On the go

Our Mobile Application

Employees can download our app to be used on-the-go. Running inspections or reporting incidents is a breeze - just scan the QR code to instantly see all asset information, make new notes or sign off a task.

Digitize your inventory

Start saving today!
Retrac helps your team to be most productive and stay on top of your daily operations.
Track damages, inspections and repair tasks as well as their costs.
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How will Retrac benefit your business?

Access anywhere, any time
Track & manage assets digitally
Prolong asset lifespan
Transparent expense overview
Smart data-driven insights
Time & cost

Interested to know more?

Support your business with live insights to take data-driven decisions and automate your workflows.
Talk with our experts, find out more about our solution.
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